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Bay Smokes D8 Moonrock 4g

Bay Smokes D8 Moonrock 4g

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BAY SMOKES Moon Rocks are the most potent form of smokable flower, boasting 30% cannabinoids and a gnarly terpene profile! Made from the highest quality buds, soaked in Delta-8 Distillate, and then rolled in CBD & CBG kief!

This process creates a SUPER potent flower perfect for slow-burning smokes, or a seemingly never-ending bowl. The distillate makes the flower smoke very slow and at cooler temperatures so it's ideal to really get the most out of your flower.

Try Bay Smokes Delta-8 Moon Rock If You’re Looking For:

  • Slow-burning, top-quality Delta-8 THC
  • Added boost of potency for any blunt, joint or bowl
  • Get the most out of your flower
  • More intense effects that hit seemingly quicker than use of traditional flower
  • The highest potency Delta-8 has to offer
  • High-quality product you can use at any time of the day
  • 30% Cannabinoids
  • Greenhouse-grown
  • Laboratory tested ingredients



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