What Is Delta 10?

Delta 10 is yet another cannabinoid similar to Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC. Although Delta 10 is similar to Delta 8 there are some significant differences that have been reported between the effects of compounds when consumed. However, scientists can assume details about Delta 10 THC and how it would interact with a person based on how Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC’s interactions. Each cannabinoid offers a unique experience. Delta 9 THC is the main psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis. It creates the euphoric experience users strive for when consuming cannabis. Delta 8 THC is a less potent experience. It will also give users a euphoric experience, but to a lesser degree. Many users describe Delta 8 as ‘taking the edge off’ when they need it most without any of the negative side effects Delta 9 is known for.

Delta 10 vs Delta 8 THC

Scientists believe that the Delta 10 cannabinoid offers a less potent experience. Delta 10 THC has been available through various companies and hemp producers. Anecdotally, delta-10 is commonly reported to provide energizing effects, whereas delta-8 is reported to be more sedating. Delta-10 is often compared to strains like Sour DieselPineapple Express, or Super Lemon Haze. Many consumers report that Delta 10 THC is a super sativa strain due to the psychoactive effects when enjoying the Delta 10 experience. 
Delta 8 THC however, is a more indica or body feel experience which some users report as an useful sleep aid. What do sativa and indica experiences mean? Most of the time, cannabis and hemp plants and strains are classified as sativa, indica, or a hybrid of both. Sativa and indica lean towards different effects on the nervous system and on experiences. Sativa dominant strains offer a more uplifting and motivating experience. Indica is the opposite. It creates at varying levels, a more relaxing and sedative experience. Labeling Delta 10 THC as a sativa strain means it’s a more uplifting, motivating, and creative euphoria. One that’s recommended for day use.

How Does Delta 10 THC Work?

Similar to Delta 8, Delta 10 consumers report milder effects and enjoyable experiences compared to Delta 9. It's important to NOTE that there are currently no long-term, definitive studies on what Delta 10 THC offers or it's role in the endocannabinoid system. Like most emerging cannabinoids, almost everything available on the effects of Delta 10 THC comes from reports based on firsthand user experiences. Any information provided by A Smokin' Place is not medical advice, has not been evaluated by the FDA, and just like our Delta 8 products, Delta 10 products are not used to or intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, medical condition, or other ailments. Those who consume can have an entirely different experience than what has been reported. We cannot suggest that your experience will be the same.
Users of Delta 10 THC have reported the following experiences:
  • Feeling uplifted
  • A sense of relaxation
  • Feeling energized
  • Potentially helping stress relief
  • Potentially helping address anxiety and paranoia Delta 10 is very similar to Delta 8. It is more known amongst users for the energizing effects it can produce. 

Is Delta 10 Legal?

The obvious question many people ask is regarding Delta 10's legality. Is it legal in the U.S.? YES. The same federal law that made Delta 8 legal, the Farm Bill of 2018, states that products containing no more than 0.3 percent of Delta 9 THC are considered federally legal. Delta-10 is commonly processed from hemp-derived CBD, as is delta-8. Because hemp is legal, delta-10 is considered legal in all 50 states. Delta 10 THC is structurally different from Delta 9 THC. Each cannabinoid contains a double carbon bond on their molecular structure, but in different places. Because of this difference, all 3CHI Delta 10 products like our Delta 8 products and CBD oil contain no more than 0.3 percent Delta 9 in them.
However, not all states follow the federal law. In a confusing and contradicting manor, some states, even those with legal marijuana, have state laws against any ‘intoxicating substance’ aimed at THCs, even though marijuana is clearly intoxicating. These THCs  include Delta 10 and other cannabinoids, even though the euphoric experience is less intense than Delta 9 THC. Other states have legalized Delta 10 THC as they have adopted the same federal hemp definition. Therefore, it is always important to stay up to date with each state’s laws and regulations when purchasing Delta 10 THC.